A day in Santorini


A day in Santorini

A day in Santorini

One of the most beautiful places we’ve visited so far!

On our trip to Athens we realised that we had an extra day we could spend on a day trip.

We did considered different options but at the end, from our initial brief research Santorini and it picturesque scenes were so impressive to ignore, there and them we decided we had to see it with our own eyes, and if it looks anything like what you see in the travel brochures, we could always come back for longer.

So, we got on an early plane and arrive at Santorini before 11 am.

Since this was a day trip and we wanted to make most of our time, we decided to go with a private tour with santorini travel. And it turns out to be a master stroke, we were able to see most of the island in such a short period of time.

It is a 40-minute flight from Athens and our tour-guide was waiting for us at the airport. Also as a professional photographer, he had good knowledge of the island and was able to share some of the best spots to take photograph on the Island.

We started our trip in Oia. You may have seen pictures of the famous white & blue houses. There are several stories around this. My favourite is the legend saying that during Ottoman occupation, the Greeks were not allowed to hoist their flag. As a way of rebellion, they decided to paint these houses with the colours of their national flag and the result as you know is spectacular! In Oia, you will find the famous blue dome church on nearly every Santorini picture!

  • Ana overlooking the sea in Oia Santorini
  • Artistic Door in Oia Santorini
  • Dreamy holiday destination Santorini
  • Ana and the beautiful blue domes Santorini
  • Ana and the stunning blue and white greek colours Santorini

Fira (Thira) and Imerovigli

After visiting the coast of Oia, we got into the car and made our way to Fira (Thira) and Imerovigli. Fira is Santorini’s capital. You can enjoy an 18km view from the caldera side. If you have the time, you can visit both the Archaeological and the Megaron Gyzi Museums. Imerovigli is certainly a top romantic destination, just 2 km away from Fira, is the “view spot” (literally) of the island. It used to serve the villagers to spot pirates approaching. Today, you could enjoy not only the breath-taking views of the caldera, but also plenty of taverns where you can try the delicious local food!

  • Greek white churches Santorini
  • Andrew enjoying a breathtaking view in Fira Santorini
  • Wandering around the beautiful neighbour or Fira Santorini
  • Ana and her favourite spot in Fira Santorini
  • The Streets of Fira for Ana to enjoy Santorini
  • Andrew and the beautiful cliff of Fira Santorini
  • Ana Andrew and the blue and white greek colours Santorini
  • Ready for a flight Santorini
  • Street fighter round one Santorini
  • Tranquility of the sea Santorini
  • The beautiful island of Santorini the place to fall in love Santorini
  • Love is in the air Santorini

Kamari beach

A quick lunch at a waterfront restaurant. The sea views were enchanting. The homemade Santorini tomato sauce was delicious!

After lunch we visited Kamari beach. We weren’t prepared for a swimming as it is warm but not hot enough. However, if you go in summer time, go for a swim at one of this black sandy beach. We also stop by Akrotiri (the Red Beach), the red colour of the sand is simply unbelievable! Again, if you go for a few days, you may want to try snorkelling here.

  • Volcanic sand of an island of contrasts Santorini
  • Andrew in Kamari beach
  • Andrew and Ana exploring an abandoned church Santorini

Santo winery was the cherry on top of this trip. The views are to fall in love with. Not surprisingly, it is a popular choice for weddings. There was no better place to finish this trip with a glass of wine and enjoying the sunset.

  • Andrew in the Santo winery at dawn Santorini
  • Always vino tinto Santorini
  • The sun-is leaving the island so we are Santorini

Bye Santorini

We only went for a day but we definitely recommend at least 3-4 days. Best time to go is possibly May-June, after that it may be too hot and overcrowded.

Thanks For Reading.

If you find this post helpful, Tip to share or have any question let me know in the comment below.- Ana

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