About Us

About Us

“We haven´t been everywhere, but it is on our list” – Susan Sontag

We are Andrew and Ana, a professional couple based in London UK collectively known as IamTheTraveller.com.

We live in the vibrating city of London, where you can never be bored especially if you know where to find the cool entertainments. We love travelling, We find it frees your mind and gives you a different perspective of the world.

Personally, back in my university days I craved to get away whenever I could which led me travelling around Europe with every little resource that I had at my disposal. And I have since revisited some of these popular cities several times. I was amazed of how different other countries in Europe were which led me thinking of the open wider world out there waiting to be explored.

In 2012 I met Ana and we have been travelling together ever since.

[over to you Ana]… I am Ana, I moved from Madrid (the city of my life) to the UK in 2009, via Cambridge and then a year later to London. I travelled around the UK during my first years here: Stonehenge, Batch, Brighton (several times), Bristol, Canterbury, Oxford and Birmingham…

Then, I met Andrew after a summer in Salzburg studying international law. Andrew and I share a passion for travelling and as young professionals we make the most of our days off and holidays not only travelling around the world, but also discovering new and exciting places in London.

With some of our most inspiring travel expertises and some of the interesting things we’ve witnessed, we thought how cool it would be to document this for prosperity and at the same time share and inspire others to take action. And that is how this site was born.

Follow us around the globe as we share our stories, travel tips, interesting photos and best places to visit!


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