You are Invited to a Wedding in Koh Samui


You are Invited to a Wedding in Koh Samui

You are Invited to a Wedding in Koh Samui

You are Invited to a Wedding in Koh Samui

We arrived in Koh Samui for our friend’s wedding. The island boasts some of the very beautiful scenery in the world, perfect for an occasion such as this. The weather, the beach, you just feel alive without a care in the World. I’m missing it already.

Our designated accommodation for the next 4 days was @Pawanthorn Samui by the beach. It was really cool to see each visiting guests to the wedding having their own villa with swimming pool! Wedding location was equally held by the beach so not far way from our accommodation, could not be more convenient!

I have to admit it was a bit of a shocked at the heavy rain we encountered on our first night! The heavy downpour happened so suddenly while we were in the local town and just about to seat down for dinner. It’s felt like someone up there tipped a giant bucket of water from the sky. Needless to say it was flooded everywhere, forget about getting a taxi or anyone driving, all submerged in the flood in some part of the town. The flood level was so high, nearly close to your knee level on the streets and you can barely walk. On the plus side by next day all was back to normal again. No flood to be seen anywhere.

A wedding in Thailand Koh Samui is different to any other wedding we have been to. The highlight of the wedding included the bride entrance, arriving on an elephant! It was quite some sight. Dress code was of course all white, all guests looking dapper in their white outfit just by the beach where wedding ceremony and exchange of vows was taking place! And the final part of the ceremony was the release of sky lantern and a wish!

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  • Ana and the beautiful blue domes Santorini

Thong National Park

Post wedding activities included a group tour to Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park Thong National Park , absolutely stunning. You had to hike to the top to enjoy the best view – Warning: it is tough. You will truly have to hike, there is no stairs or easy road to the top, you are on your own. It is a bit dangerous one would say. Having said that, the views are incredible! Judge for yourself!

Greek white churches Santorini

I barely had enough energy left after the hike and I wasn’t going to miss out on the kayaking either, highly recommended! But what can I say, I absolutely loved it!

We don’t know when we will be back in Koh Samui, it is definitely a place to relax, party and have a memorable time!

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